Beautiful Cloud-Based Software to Help You Manage Your People

Proactive, Intelligent Employee Management

Improve the productivity, performance and relationships of your team through data, in real-time.


What Questions Can We Help You Answer?

Are my people productive? If not, how can I increase productivity?

Are my people supported? What support do they need from me or others?

What issues exist between people on my team, and how can I solve or prevent these issues?

Are my people happy? If not, what can I do to make them so?


The Best Part? No Surveys Required.

Featherlight is the first tool of it's kind to provide deep, actionable analytics in real-time to managers without requiring fatiguing & inaccurate surveys.


Individual & Company Goal Tracking

Get & Give Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Send Feedback Across Teams or to the Company

Automatic Feedback Cadence for Managers

Deep Analytics for Individuals, Teams & Company Wide

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